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Mihkel Zilmer is an award winning Film and Media music composer.

He has written music for many critically acclaimed and award-winning films, including the all-time highest viewer count and box-office hit in Estonia, Tõde ja õigus (Truth and Justice, Estonia 2019), as well as Forever Rich (Netflix, 2021), Kalev (Estonia, 2022), Erna i krig (Erna at War, Denmark 2020), Burden of Peace (Netherlands 2015), Alles Is Gezegd (NL 2014), Volgens Protocol (NL 2014). With a predominantly classical training background (University of Glasgow, Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Film Academy), the foundation of his musical output is orchestral music, often blended with ethnic, electronic and experimental elements.

Mihkel won Best Original Score for Kalev at EFTA, 2023. 

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